Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I am falling love with Melbourne again (finally) and I'm starting to enjoy the lovely cafes and boutiques that I used to love pre Tokyo. I don't know why it took me so long but it did, at least I am finally there. I'm going to document this process of falling in love with the city here on my blog. Today was spent at this cafe at the GPO eating chocolate brownies and drinking coke (coffee for Henry) and then wondering around window shopping. Tomorrow I am going to Camberwell market and meeting up with a friend. Life is good, the sun is out and I feel really happy. It was a perfect lazy Saturday.


  1. Lazy Saturday sounds sooooo good. I never get to have those any more since having the little dude. I remember them very fondly!

  2. I love lazy days..and I totally think I get what you mean about the "pre-Tokyo" thing. Tokyo is so flippin' fascinating and amazing in its own uniqueness..when I got home (or to Seattle), I was either somewhat bummed, or even disgusted with my own culture. I'm really starting to enjoy Oklahoma City again though and the small quirky things it has to offer. I think there are usually always good things you can find about most just may take a little more digging than in Tokyo. haha. Although I'm sure Oklahoma City and Melbourne aren't anything the same (and by that I mean Melbourne is probably way cooler)

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  4. Oh wow, I just came home from Camberwell market! I didn't see you. I should've read this earlier so I could keep an eye out! Hope you had fun and found something nice:)

  5. I go through stages like that with Melbourne and I find that I fall in love with it all over again on the weekends when all the suits and corporates are out of the place and all the interesting kids are hanging out.

  6. Heartofpearl: I didn't actually make it to the market, I slept in. Oops. I will defiantly go next week though.

    Lactose: You sent so many comments, lol. But yeah when I first got back my culture seemed so alien, and I was frightened of all the drunks on the streets at night but now I'm ok with it all. The main thing for me has been dealing with the bitchyness and negativity of the indie/fashion scene here...The thing I miss the most about Tokyo is how everyone is so positive, anything goes. Here there is so much judgement, but slowly I have gotten used to it and I don't feel so frustrated anymore.

    Skye: I'm sure having the little dude is more rewarding then eating cake and window shopping, lol.


  7. Yum, I love coke in the little glass bottle like that. Snap! Mr Hammie and I had coke, a brownie and an espresso on a sunny Saturday in LDN. We sat in the new Frank Gehry "tree house" in Hyde park on the steps built as levels.
    Isnt it great when it is sunny all over at the same time?
    I love the way you captured the colonades of the GPO. I think I will fall homesick for Melbourne with you.

  8. Great shots! I love lazy saturdays!


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