Monday, September 22, 2008

Fashion Shoot mood board

I know it is pretty obvious to do a grungey shoot but I have limited time so I can't source new clothes, just what I've already got and collected.

In other news when did aeroplane tax become so expensive? I have been hunting down bargain flights to Tokyo and the tax is about $700. Last time I flew to Tokyo I paid only $300 in tax (the last time being May 2007 to Tokyo and back here in August 2007) It looks like Jetstar is my only hope of getting there for $1000ish but they are booked up till January 16. OH well I will be able to stay there for 1 month still, only just not as soon as I would like. But Yay I can't wait to see everyone and eat some yummy Japanese food, take loads of photos, do some shopping (I will have more time to save now so that is a plus, more money for shopping is never a bad thing) and most importantly party. Yay. I am already thinking about what to pack, lol, but I'm like that.

Peace out


  1. crikey!!!! Dang that's expensive...any luck with a model?

  2. Yeah the tax is a killer (I hate it when they advertise the price as $130 or something and really it's waaaay more because tax isn't included). You're a student so you might be able to get a discounted flight from a travel agent. You should definitely shop around, not just online.
    I almost missed out last year because there were jetstar flights available and when I went to buy them they only had super expensive ones left. So get in quick is my advice -- or go to a travel agent.

  3. I didn't know you were off to Japan?
    Well done, shop for me, shop for me!
    I need to come over and get my loo cover too....I'll ask around if you still need a model as well.

  4. Hey good luck getting in to that course. I'm sure you'll get in.

    I was planing to go to Japan again at the end of Nov for 3 weeks again but I have all these bloody interviews to go to during that time. I'm so pissed about it because I need to get lose myself in Tokyo.

    Oh well going to spend the money on doing up my apartment eventually.

    Hey do you have those photos you took of me at the fashion show? if you could email them to me that would be great.

  5. haha you really do love planning ahead:) i wish i was as organised as you. i hope you jetstar is alright to you. i used to work there for a short period, must say majority of the phone enquires were not enquires but complaints. schedule changes which are inevitable caused lots of problems, customers hated it and if they wanted to change it they'd have to pay more etc etc.. anyway i'm sure you know all that hehe i just have a grudge towards jetstar! ;) good luck with the fashion shoooot if you need help carrying things or this or that im sorta free to help out lol!


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