Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Working Gal

Blouse: Savers $3
Woolen Pinafore Dress: 7 Angles $10
Belt: Camberwell Market $10
Bag: 109 Shibuya, Tokyo $49
Shoes: BigW $15
Leggings: Kingi, Harajuku, Tokyo $7

I had a job interview today and had to dig out some of my old lady like business clothes that I haven't worn since I worked in Japan and before that for Telstra here in Australia. I would have been in so much trouble with this outfit in Japan anyway because it's too "maid style", but here it would be considered smart and professional. Honestly it was ridiculous how many times I got in trouble in Japan at work for being too "maid style" by both the Japanese staff and Western bosses. I mean I had meetings to address this "problem" on a regular basis. Where else in the world would you get in trouble for being too maid style? No where else but Japan!

Today my interviewer had on a blue dress and a big ribbon in her hair and she really liked my outfit. I think business attire is more relaxed here in Australia, especially for women. I mean in Japan the government had to introduce "cool biz" which is a measure that allows employees to wear short sleeve shirts in Summer, because before that you had to wear long sleeve at all times and your suit jacket even on a scorching hot summers day. There were a lot of rules at my work, which I did stick to. You had to wear tights or pantyhose(no leggings), you had to have a black suit jacket which you had to wear at all times, your shirt had to have a collar, no short sleeve shirts (t-shirt length or longer), no visible tattoos, no jewellery. I did all that but they always hated the pussy bow blouses, but that was all I had, how was I to know that Japan was crazy and would sexualise those tops so I looked more like a porn star than an English teacher to my salarymen students? I tried to find other more normal shirts but as you all know Japanese people are tiny, I am not, and it was very hard to find clothes that fit.

Anyway I got the job so I'll finally have some money again.

I also bumped into Lady Melbourne and had a nice chat with her at my Dad's new cafe in Little Collins Street. She liked my outfit which is weird because when I put it on this morning I actually thought that Lady Melbourne would like this outfit. My style has changed sooooo much since going back to Uni. I'm more into grungey clothes that are easy to whack on and no longer obsessed with pussy bow blouses and red lipstick. Maybe though I am just a fashion victim who just follows the trends with no style of my own? Who knows.


  1. Oh, wow, congratulations on the job!!
    I can't belive Japan is like that regarding the dress codes - didn't know it was THAT strict. Interesting though..
    I love the outfit too, can't go past a good pussy bow :))

  2. Pussy bows = porn? How on earth would anyone have forseen that dementedness!

    I think you looked lovely in your interview clothes - congratulations on the new job!

  3. This is so weird,
    because tomorrow have a job interview and am planning on wearing a pussy bow blouse.
    I hope I have as much luck as you.

  4. Congrats on getting the job! :D I am in LOVE with your outfit (especially the blouse - phwoar!), and you continue to amaze me with your amazingly cheap and stylish finds!

  5. Congratulations on the job!
    I can vouch that yes, she looked adorable in this outfit, particularly the shoes.

  6. LOL pussy bows as porn...hilarious! I love that red woolen dress with the shoes and bag. Congratulations on the job too!

  7. What happened to the later posts- I hope all is well!!!

  8. congratulations on the job! and i love your bag!

  9. i love this outfit you look amazing


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