Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping with my mum

Yesterday I went out op shopping with my mum in Blackburn and I bought this amazing t-shirt for only $2. I can't wait to wear it out, its like my dream t-shirt. It reminds me of this Reiss Radvanyi dress I have wanted for ever and ever.

This dress recently appeared in the new film clip for Aussie band The Grates. Patience is wearing it whom I had the pleasure of meeting on the streets of Melbourne when I was shooting some street fashion.

She was so nice. I didn't know who she was when I met her (I'm not exactly musically clued up, I didn't recognise the chicks from C.S.S. when I met them in Tokyo either, I was actually rude to them because I just thought they were dorky "gaijin" which means foreigners...when you live there you start to hate westerners or's hard to explain but you just do... Anyway they liked my skirt :>, and if they are reading (which I doubt) this I'm sorry I was rude to you I was just sick of tourists taking my photo)

At the op shop I also got this whole role of red and white stripe fabric for only $6. I think I'm going to make some cushions for the house, maybe sell them on etsy? I can even do letters and stuff them (I have done that around our house too) So many things and so much fabric. Yay! They also had brown and white stripe and green and white stripe fabric rolls too, but I love red as you can probably guess from our house photos and the other stuff I bought.

I also bought this broom and shovel set for $5 at a local home wares $2 shop. Our old broom was broken so this was a lucky find.

At the same $2 shop I got this nice red vase for only $3. Such a bargain.

And as AH20 commented, yes that was me at Dotti buying another fedora hat whilst wearing my one. I was buying it as a present for my Pa who loved mine so much a few days ago at lunch. He was very happy to get his own. He will wear it to his next day care day (he has Alzheimer's but not very bad yet and part of his care is going once or twice a week to this old people day care place, he has a lot of fun there playing games and talking to the other oldies and my mum gets a much needed break from caring for him)

It was a nice day out shopping with my mum, who famously hates shopping. This was our once every 6 months shopping trip. I help mum pick out some clothes and we have lunch and have a nice day. My mum got soooo many bargains too. She bought a pair of brown pants at Millers for $16, a brown dress/top at Target for only $20, a yellowy brown scarf for $3 at a $2 shop. The funniest thing she bought was a pair of the most amazing riding boots in brown for only $13. Why was it so funny? Well because they are from the children's section at Target! My mum never knew before that she can fit into children's shoes, she didn't think they would fit but they were actually a little too big for her, we were laughing so much at the store. My sister is going to be so mad though as she has size 11 to 12 feet in women's shoes which makes shoe shopping near on impossible for her as most shops stop at size 10, and I am a size 10 so its kinda easier for me (but not always) but our mum has so many more options now. How can 1 generation's feet be so much bigger? We are also much taller than our mum. Will my children be giants?

Ohhhh also at the op shop in Blackburn we saw this amazingly dressed girl. I asked her if I could take her photo for and she said yes but my camera was out of batteries. I'm so sorry amazingly dressed girl, if you are ever in the city I'll take your photo :> She was wearing gold sequin sneakers, blue or pink tights? a blue skirt and a kinda rainbow top...Hard to explain but it looked amazing!

We went back to my mum's house after shopping and I caught up on all the Project Runway Australia (my mum has Foxtel, lucky her) Has anyone else seen it? It's sooooooooo good. I wish it was on free to air, but my mum has promised to iq all the episodes for me (iq is like Tivo for you USA people). My favourite designer is Petrova Hammond, I hope she wins. She owns a shop in Flinders Lane called Lady, I've never been there before but I'm going to check it out.


  1. I've got to be super quick because I'm just about to go shopping with my mum!
    Sounds like you had a great time, well done on finding that tshirt/dress. And how gorgeous is Patience? What a pretty name.

  2. That shirt is awesome - nice work! I have some riding boots from the Target kids dept too (for rainy days), which are also too big for me. I don't even have small feet (7.5) so I think kids must definitely be getting larger.

  3. Your grandpa sure looks dapper in that hat! I hope his day care days will help delay the full-blown onset of his Alzheimer's.

  4. loved this entry and that fabric is super-fab.

    it's so good your mom has a break from your pa from time to time. mine has alzheimers too and being a caretaker is absolutely exhuasting. glad your shopping trip went so well! love reading your blog. :)

  5. Dazzling!

    Sweet coincidence!I should have step forward and said hi.hmm.. never mind, i'll make sure i do that when i see you next time, alright.

  6. If you have a 3 phone you can watch PRA on there for free! I only found this out the otherday, but I still haven't managed to watch any episodes. I was half thinking of watching them on the public transport to and from work - but I keep forgeting my earphones!

    The vase you got (plus everything else) is a nice find. The colour is amazing.

    Your grandpa looks really cool in the hat!

  7. Hell yes, i want Petrova to win too. I did like Sophie's rockabilly style, but she's gone now... :(
    If you're desperate to watch the eps, you can catch them here;

    I'm addicted :P


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