Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My sister is so nice

  • Dress: Gift from my sister
  • Leggings: Footscray Savers
  • Sandals: Footscray Savers
  • Belt: Portmans Bargain Basement
  • Necklace: Jag at Myer
  • Hat: Dotti (My Pa wants me to buy him one, he stole mine off me today at lunch and wouldn't give it back, he did look pretty cool in it...Pa means grandfather for those who don't know)

Why is she so nice? Because she gave me this lovely floral dress that she no longer wears.

I'm lucky I didn't end up buying that Jeanswest one because this dress is better. I don't like the short arms as I normally try to cover up my "bingo wings" (The only part of my body I really don't like is my arms. The reason they are so big, compared to the rest of me is because I was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks and I built up so much muscle in my arms pushing myself around to and from Uni and then when you stop doing all that exercise muscle turns into fat. So I really need to do some arm exercises, but ehhh I can't be bothered) Another crazy thing is the dress is a size 12. I fit into a 12 already? Crazy. It is a little tight around my bust but everywhere else it fits fine. I think I'm going to buy some scales because I'm the incredible shrinking Hayley right now and I want to know by how much.

Oh and its really cold in Melbourne right now so I wore boots and a jacket when I did go out.


  1. You look beautiful in that dress!
    It really suits you (:
    Definitely more than the jeanswest one!
    Congrats on being a size 12 (:
    My goal is to get to a size 12 or 10, getting there!
    I eat really healthily (mums a health nut) but I do no exercise because I'm lazy :P

  2. yer, you should go get a scale pronto. harris scarf sells those kinda things for cheap. they might have a sale on scales or something ..i dunno.
    that dress is cool, it looks similar to the jeans west one. i thought it was the JW one when i looked at the pic.

  3. The dress looks lovely, I love how you make floral dresses look not so cutesy. Its an awesome skill.

  4. There's definitely some good karma stuff going on there. The dress looks really cute, and there's that darn belt again - I want! I recommend just weighing yourself on those scales at the chemist shop, my ones at home are so unreliable and having to fork over $2 stops me from compulsive weighing activity.

  5. this dress looks great on you! And it looks so similar to the Jeanswest one, good thing you didn't buy it :-)

  6. Mmmmmm, looks like your fashion instincts have triumphed again Hayley- this dress is great on you!
    I've used one of your photos and linked to you in my latest post, hope you don't mind!

  7. I really like this dress! Lucky you didn't buy the JW one... $70 saved or $70 to spend on something else (I like the latter). And that belt looks really good. I'm hoping to find a flattering corset belt too.

    I find with weight it just drops off all of a sudden almost over night! So buy those scales and you will be surprised.

  8. so cute, I love that necklace.

  9. you look fantastic!
    great dress

  10. h you crack me up:) I also like tuckshop arms 'would you like sauce with that?'

    Anyhoo, I still haven't received my invite to Japan and Yum Yum's starting to fret!

    ps the dress looks superb!

  11. you look amazing in that dress and are looking super fit! xx

  12. well, i think i saw you today at Dotti, buying another fedora. What a bargain eh? I got it after you left. I have been searching for a nice yet cheap fedora.

  13. AH20: Wow yeah that was me at Dotti buying another fedora. It was for my grand pa, I was on my way to visit him and he loved it so much the last time I saw him so I had to get him one. I took a photo of him in it which I'm posting tomorrow, he looks so dashing in it. It is such a bargain.


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