Sunday, July 20, 2008

Floral dress

I bought this floral dress at Brunswick Savers for $5.99 the other day. It was originally floor length but we cut it and I'm going to hem it tomorrow so it will be a little shorter when I've done that. I think its pretty cute but I really wanted a smaller floral print. I tried on this AMAZING floral dress at Jeanswest (of all places) today and it looked so good on but it was $70 and I don't really spend that much on clothes any more. It isn't on their website so I'll go back tomorrow and take a sneaky change room photo to show you all, maybe you will convince me to buy it because it really was amazing. The fun thing was the size 16 was too big and the 14 fit really good, even a little loose, its nice to go down a size, I think stopping eating McDonalds has helped but I don't have any scales so I am not sure if I have lost weight or if Jeanswest sizing is generous. I defiantly feel better going back to my normal diet rather than my stressed out time poor student diet of fast food. Today we had the yummiest lunch at this organic vegan cafe in the city, mmmm kidney beans I love you. I love how easy it is to find vegetarian food here, I never thought about it until I lived in Japan, I just thought it was easy everywhere, but now I know that's not true. I think we take it for granted here, but really the vegetarian options here are amazing. When I first became a vegetarian it wasn't as good as it is now (14 years ago) but even when it was "bad" it was good if you know what I mean. Henry and I have been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately instead of eating out. Henry made yummy vegetarian sheppard's pie the other night and I made a healthy vegetarian quiche with yoghurt instead of cream, which I think tastes better anyway. I hope I can continue with this healthy eating even when I go back to uni next week, but its so hard when I have no time and have loads of assignments to finish. Oh well we will see.


  1. That dress looks really cool on you! I actually prefer the bigger print. I'm looking forward to lots of florals this Summer. I'm going to check out Jeans West one you mention.

  2. That outfit suits you a lot and it does look like you have lost weight. I love the shoes. I have some recipes on my food blog London Kitchen ( I have recently added healthy recipes, will put on some vegetarian ones soon if you would like.

  3. You do seem to have lost weight! I love the dress, it looks really good on you! :)

  4. I think the dress looks really good on you (and I like the bigger print too - those little floral prints are EVERYWHERE). I really must take up the oversized floral dress I've got hanging around and I'm still coveting that belt too!

  5. congrats on the weight loss! the belt and dress combo always works magically.
    wow, jeans west? i can't remember the last time i went there.

  6. you can do it, I know you can. just stay strong and focused! plus the dress is super

  7. Hayley sweetie what a great find!
    I love it, and I love your bag too, where is that from?
    Good on you for staying out of Maccas, if anything your smile will be brighter just knowing your not eating it, but you're great the way you are so don't bother yourself too much.
    Are you talking about Soul Food in Equitable Place? They have the most amazing and cheap vegetarian food.

  8. Hi Hayley (:
    I love the dress, it looks lovely on you!
    I really digg the belt too!
    I love your blog (:
    It gives me multitudes of inspiration and brightens up my day!


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