Monday, July 21, 2008

Check out my new photos

and tell me what you think. More to come throughout the week. And can I just say MELBOURNE PEOPLE PLEASE WEAR SOME COLOUR!!! Come on people you are making my job really hard. I know it's been cold but why not wear some red, or blue, or green, anything except black. I did find some people in colours (and they are on the website) but it took much longer than normal.

Let me remind you what colours you have to choose from:

A whole colour wheel of colours. Come on it will brighten up your day (and mine) I promise you.


  1. I LOL'd at the use of the spectrum.
    I was wearing purple and khaki in town on Sunday!

  2. You're asking the population, no less the fashionable population of Melbourne to not wear black?!
    I'll try and wear some colour and come and find you, I have a bright red winter coat with gold buttons, hows that?

  3. hello Hayley,
    I do agree with you. More colour is indeed needed in Melbourne. I generally love wearing nice warming colours in winter- lots of red particuarly.

    ~alice (one of the girls you photographed. I was very excited to see my photoon the website. you did happen to catch me on one of my duller days though. ah well.)

  4. telling melournians to get out of black and in winter too? that's going to be a hard thing to achieve.

  5. Heehee, that was the weekend you photographed me - and I wasn't wearing any black thank you! And ITA. I love Melbourne, but every time I go down there I yearn to see your cool indie kids in something other than art-student black. :p

    Digging this blog too, btw.



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