Sunday, June 22, 2008

Melbourne Street Fashion> Now a blog

I can't be bothered making the website so I made it a blog. Honestly what would you prefer, a cool looking website which never gets updated or a cool-ish looking blog that gets updated at least twice a week? I'm guessing the blog, lol.

The header is a little messy but I couldn't be bothered cutting out more people, that's so time consuming! I may change it soon, but that's it for now.

CHECK IT OUT NOW: Melbourne Street Fashion Blog

Another plus is I can make the photo's really big so you can see all the details. Tell me what you think of that and the new layout.

And no this isn't my big fashion post I keep promising....its coming, I'm still working on it.


  1. Loving it!!

    I think that it is better and easier to have a blog.

    I love the simple black and white header and layout, it really works. But the header is too wide and I have to scroll to see it in full. I'd keep the height and make the width about 983 pixels (I think), but maybe that's just my computer.

  2. cool...I'd add the link

    ps - websites are D.E.A.D!

  3. Ha ha ha, how many blogs to you have now darling- 5?!
    I like it but I hope this still gets updated. I will follow suit with Imelda and add it.

  4. Yay, I totally love it! By the way I see your DJ friend around the streets of Melbourne all the time..or maybe there are just many boys which look like him.
    ps. I've added you to my links :)

  5. Nice blog.


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