Saturday, May 10, 2008

Deer Dana this is my fashion history

I know that it's probably very "scene kid" or "hipster" to want this t-shirt, but I really, really love it. I'm really into that type of drawing, and I love love love Agyness, PLUS Its only USD$35 which seems to include postage, talk about a BARGAIN (esp with the low US$). This is another Birthday wishlist item to dream about. Check out Deer Dana for more cool t-shirts and photos of the Misshapes hipsters (When we went to Misshapes in 2005 we just thought it was a really boring party, now it's so hyped up, I also hated how they kept saying over the the mic "you are at the worlds best party", so lame but I guess its paid off, people really do believe it's the worlds best party, maybe it is, but I've had more fun at Pizza Hut all you can eat, lol)

Here is the t-shirt in action over at Thrills and Frills

I'm thinking about kinda casualising up my wardrobe. Lately all I seem to wear is dresses, so I want to add some skirts and tee's into the mix. I seem to go through fazes. Like for about 3 years I only wore red, black and white and only skirts and blouses and always tights, before that in 2003 I had an 80's faze of colourful wackyness and leg warmers and lace leggings, 2004 was my "Mod" year, only 60's fashion for me, which led into my ladylike faze of Marc Jacobs inspired pencil skits and high heels that I kept until the beginning of 2007, which is when I was in Japan and my fashion was limited as I couldn't fit into most clothes or shoes there. It was so hard to add more colour into my wardrobe after 3 years of only red, black and white, but I've kinda done it, so now no more dresses.


Aged 16, in Scotland hence the warm garb. I had just got my lip pierced, so its a bit swollen. I used to always wear bindi's. I was such a hippy. I still have the hole from the lip piercing too, I haven't had anything in it for 4 years and it still hasn't healed. Let this be a lesson for anyone considering getting it done, DON'T! Oh and that's close to my natural hair colour, only its less red, I used to dye my hair red with Henna all the time, so its slightly washed out at this stage. I am a natural blonde!

Aged 16 again. What a stroppy teenager hey? This was the day I got back from my first o/s trip to Scotland. I am wearing a H&M top (My first H&M item) and flared jeans that all the teenagers were wearing in Scotland at the time....they were called "Go Vicinity's". I bought them to fit in.

Aged 17. This photo is at my year 11 formal (like a prom). At the time I LOVED Alannah Hill, so this dress and the bra underneath are by her. I made the necklace myself. I had the worst haircut ever at this time. I don't think I was wearing any make-up either. Oh how I would love to have my formal over again, it was such a disaster fashion wise.

Aged 19. I was at art school when I wore this. I loved the 80's at the time and I was actually on my way to be on the Channel 31 tv show "Chartbusting 80's". My haircut was done at a expensive trendy place, so that's why I have the asymmetrical fringe.

Aged 19 with Karren O from the "Yeah yeah yeah's". Still in my 80's faze.

Aged 19. At art school. I loved leg warmers over tights it seems. What was I thinking?

Aged 20, still into the 80's but slightly less stupid.

Aged 20 or 21. I had slowly progressed to being into Mod 1960's fashion. Yes that's nickers over my tights you can see, its the only way to make them stay up! (This was the beginning of my red, black and white obsession)

Aged 21, into mod style.

Aged 21. My fave mod outfit. Sorry no head, this was taken pre-digital camera so as you know with film you never know what you are going to get, especially if you ask drunk boyfriends to take your photo!

Aged 22 in New York. I was into sorta goth-lol mixed with lady-like and Marc Jacobs.

Aged 22 with my sister and her friend. This is when my red, black and white obsession was at its highest point (at this stage I wore nothing but those colours). I loved pussy bow blouses and pinafore dresses and patent ballet flats.

This is a video art piece I made for art school. It's from the height of my red, black and white obsession. The character is Hello Hayley, which is meant to be a play with words ala Hello Kitty. I paid a friend who is a puppet maker to make the costume for me. I'm thinking about changing the hair to blonde so I can still use it today. I really wanted to take the costume to Japan and make more video's but I couldn't fit it into my suitcase, mainly because of all the clothes I took.

More Hello Hayley and Me.

Aged 23. The Bunny head was from the Spank shop in Japan. I was still into red, black and white and gothic-lolita inspired cute outfits. Very girly with lots of bows. This was all pre gossip girl too by the way. After this I finally started to add other colour's back into my wardrobe.


Dress obsessed, always in leggings, always with the same belt. Does anyone else end up stuck like this?

OH and maybe you have noticed, the last pair of pants I ever wore were the flared jeans when I was 16. Pants just don't suit me at all.


  1. wow that's some style change since ur 16!
    I don't even wanna show mine cause i look horrible!!!
    i really like the style u have now the most!

  2. LOL...(the up skirt photo), great post I really enjoyed the evolution of your look!

  3. :) great post.
    heh heh ! i never expected you to be a hippie!
    i love the new york phase but I'm definitley liking your current style the best.

  4. I wish I could have documented my style as clever as you have through out the years!

    PS- You should get the shirt. . .

  5. THIS IS AMAZING. You are much better dressed now, although I love your 80s and mod periods as well :D


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