Wednesday, April 9, 2008 video has a surprise for me + Friendship

I was watching the Aoyama video on a few months ago when I got a huge surprise, Maya from Spank and the girls from Toxic Lipstick walked into the frame!!! I only just remembered it thanks to Flying Saucers post about's Intersection video's.

I always go on about how much I miss the spank girls, but this makes me miss them more. Maya is always so sweet and funny and super kind and helpful. I actually know why they were walking down Omotesando dori that day. It was the day after Spanks 3rd anniversary party Pank Ponk that Toxic Lipstick played at and Maya was showing them around Tokyo because they live in Osaka (They are Australians from Brissy by the way). Do you know how tired she would have been? She was so busy all night and well into the morning helping with the big party, but she still went and showed them around all the cool sights of Harajuku. She never thinks of herself. She was soooooo helpful when I was moving back to Australia, she helped me donate bags and bags of clothes, books and magazines (I'm talking HUGE bags here that she piled onto my bicycle that I was also giving away and rode the 35 minutes back to Koenji with virtually no visibility because of one of the bags on her lap obscuring her view...I wish I had a photo cos it was CRAZY...and she wouldn't let me help at all, or when we went to the airport she carried all my bags...she is just too nice!)

Maya I miss you so much. Thanks for the recent myspace message, I love you too.

I have realised all of my closest friends are overseas or about to leave to go overseas.

One of my closest Aussie friends is moving to London for 1 year next month so I'm seeing her a fair bit before she goes.

My best friend since primary school has been living in the UK since 1999 with me visiting her and her visiting me every few years (she is the type of friend where our distance doesn't matter, once we get together its like we were never apart, we don't even email or talk that often but we still are close if you know what I mean).

My best friend in Japan, the crazy American from Memphis, Hilary, is still living in Tokyo, albeit unhappily. She feels lonely, isolated and depressed and I wish I could be there to help her. I know how she feels. I miss Hil sooooo much. I love you Hil if you read this.

The Spank Girls, mainly Maya and Tabuchi who I became especially close to, even with the language barrier. I miss these crazy cool girls like you wouldn't believe. Our girl chats and shopping trips were always s fun.

Now all I have left is Tony (the dj who I've mentioned a bit in the past) and my hubby Henry...but you know how it is when you want a girl chat...smelly boys just wont do. I thought maybe I could make new friends at uni, but so far nothing.

What do you guys think? Do you know what I'm talking about? Are you in a similar situation at all, with friends all far away?

Sorry this inst about fashion. Fashion posts will resume tomorrow with some cool new shoes I bought at where else but Savers.


  1. I totally get how you're feeling. I finished school 5 months ago, and the only person I see on a regular basis is my boyfriend, and occasionally a couple of our shared friends (all male). unfortunatley I sort of fell out with pretty much all of my girl friends from school (ie, they were idiots) but lately I've definatley been craving some female company.
    But I'm far too picky with people - and thats something I have to get over, fast.
    Being 18, in a relationship and jobless doesn't really set you up for meeting lots of exciting, fun people though.

  2. Hay Fashionfake.
    I also fell out with all my highschool friends when highschool finished (although for me this was 5 or 6 years ago now). I am also super picky about people so maybe I need to stop that too. The problem for me is at my uni everyone is so young and well not too bright (I go to VU) For essays they write using txt language which is so crazy I have no idea how they passed VCE. (My course didnt need any ENTER so that could explain a ENTER was kinda high, I also got into teaching but chose to focus on art...which I sorta regret) I think my blog "friends" are my closest friends right now.

  3. I wish I could reach thru my computer and give you the biggest hug. I loved that post and it mad a little sad. I hate the thought of you feeling so isolated. Yes smelly boys are good for fixing things but not for the chatting.

    My partner (and me, to a certain degree) is feeling isolated since we moved up to Sydney. So I sort of know how you're feeling. it's hard when you've been away and then everyone else ups and moves. You lose your sense of stability.

    H Imelda's despotic ears are always open xxx

  4. i think everyone here wants to give you big huggles and tell you that it's gonna be okay.
    you need to herd up a troupe of girls and enjoy some retail therapy whilst chatting like there is no tomorrow. (i'm guessing henry aint to crazy on the shopping.)
    I thought you were going back to tokyo...or studying in tokyo again...?

  5. Thanks everyone you have all been so nice.

    A dreamer, I am moving back to Tokyo in 2010, so in basically 2 years which feels like forever. By then Hillary will have moved back to NYC so it wont be the same. At least tonight she is calling me. Yay I haven't spoken to her since I left except almost daily emails so hearing her voice is gonna be amazing! (Her Southern drawl is sooo cool!)


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