Thursday, April 3, 2008

The look for LESS (more cheap shopping)

I did some more Swanston Street shopping this week. I went into Femme Connection while waiting for Henry to meet me for lunch and $65 later I ended up with 2 pairs of shoes and 1 dress (sorry no photos of the dress yet, I'm wearing it to a party tomorrow night). Henry was a little angry at me, he hates me spending money (I guess like most husbands).

These silver pointy oxfords/brogues are so cute. They are also really comfy and the heel isn't too high for me so I can actually walk in them. They were only $24.99 so at that price I had no choice but to buy them. I'm pretty sure they wont last long, but they will get worn a lot this winter I'm sure so they'll be worth every cent.

Getting these was a bit of an accident. I was kinda on a shopping high. Normally it is impossible to find shoes that fit me (I'm a size 10 which seems to be a size that is either sold out or not made for most shoes...especially in Japan but that's another story). The tag said $29.99 which I thought was super reasonable because I love the buckles so much and the tacky slutty meets punky feel of them. So I was even happier when I got to the cash register and they were only $19.99. Total bargain. I think I'll probably only wear them once because the heel is a bit high, but for only $20 who cares. I actually used to be able to walk in heels no problem, but then I broke my ankle (not in heels) and since then I get a bit nervous of "low heights" that I can easily fall from...I'm scared of steps, gutters, standing on chairs and high heels!

Oh and to anyone who is looking for shiny lame leggings Femme Connection have some that are stirrup leggings!!! They have both silver and black for only $9.99. The only problem is they are in 1 size fits "all" (so not me :<) Also in last months issue of Vogue they had pictures of lame leggings that are from Cotton On for $24.99 that seem to be longer than the Deborah K ones. I'm going to be stalking Cotton On until they arrive in-store to see if they are any better so watch this space.


  1. damn good buy, Imelda is most pleased with the brogues.

    H - this is such a random question but did you audition for Project Runway?

  2. Hey Imelda. No I didn't audition for Project Runway...I kinda found out about it too late, and my husband would kill me if I was on reality TV. Why though?

  3. oh nice shoes. kinda sad that you broke your ankle ay?
    shame...maybe you can wear higher heels if you just practise (in a safe environment of course).

  4. Those shoes are both great, especially the strappy ones.

    Ohh no, I just went and bought the deborah k ones.. but stirrups!!!! I've been watching a pair of stirrup lame leggings on ebay forever!

    I suppose $9.99 isn't too bad for a second pair though...

    I wonder if the cotton on ones will be better quality?

  5. Coz a friend auditioned and mentioned that someone who fitted your description was in her group!

  6. you where I can get good latex leggings online?


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