Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bobby's Cuts Closing SALE

Hey hey just a quick note that Bobby's Cuts is closing TODAY SATURDAY the 12th of APRIL!!!!!!!!

Downstairs there is a HUGE sale of Hem and Haw skinny jeans for $60, Henry got a pair (Hem and Haw is Mjolks other brand) Oh and they are all mens jeans but girls were trying them on too.

Only small sizes left, get down there ASAP to grab a bargain.

Also everything else is 50% OFF and they had some nice dresses that I wanted but even with 50% OFF were too expensive for me.


Bobby's Cuts, Shop 4, 237-239 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

photo from The Age

SALE AT BOBBY'S CUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. so you are going to japan. ohh nicee. are you going to open up a clothing store?

  2. Yeah that's always been my dream, opening a clothing boutique. It's why I went to Japan in the first place, to meet designers and see if I could stock their clothes. I came home with a whole bunch of them wanting to stock in my shop and with plans of returning to Japan every 3 or 4 months to buy up. I was all prepared to do it...However once I came home I realised there were too many hip shops now for mine to work, and I also decided going to Japan for a week or 2 here and there inst enough, I need to live there! So I enrolled into uni so I could get a full working Visa to return to Japan. I wouldn't be there if I didn't need a degree to get the full visa. So my shop will sell Australian designers in Japan, plus my designs, plus art, plus vintage. Lots of plans for it, know the location I just can't work out what to name it though.

  3. H that’s fab news (not about the shop closing…btw whenever I went in they’d be so full of themselves) Imelda will most definitely bring her despotic patronage to your Tokyo fashion emporium.

  4. argh! I'm a week too late.
    Just yesterday I went past and saw a 'lease'? sign. Plus the shop next to it was empty. And I was wondering what was going on, because I didn't want to believe they'd gone for good :(

    So, this is the end of Bobby's Cuts? :(
    I hope some of the other unique places I've just found around the city don't start disappearing like this.

    I think the store next door was called Parc Diamond?? or at least stocked that label. I got a cool pair of VERY comfortable skinny jeans for $50 there a few months back. So all in all I should be thankful :)

    And this blog better last longer than quirky stores like Bobby's Cuts, cause I just found it and it looks neat ;D


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