Friday, June 22, 2007

My Fashion Lovies

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From Left to right:
New black and white check dress from Harajuku (so cheap I have it in red too), New white lace babydoll dress from my wedding Tokyo, New black and white babydoll dress with bib detail from three minutes happiness Shibuya Tokyo, Vintage yellow smiley face bag from thank you mart Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage tartan jacket from Kinji Harajuku Tokyo, New white jelly shoes from Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage red check dress from flea market in Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage white wayfarers from Laforet Harajuku Tokyo, Lolita heart glasses from ebay, heart brooch from Hunter Gatherer Melbourne Australia, I heart Spank badge from my friends shop in Harajuku Tokyo, Peace necklace from wego Harajuku Tokyo, Brooch which was a gift, Owl necklace from flea market in Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage red polka dot skirt from Harajuku flea market, Black brogue hells from Melbourne Australia, Vintage blouse from Shimokitazawa Tokyo, New red and white check dress from Harajuku, New black and white striped skirt from Melbourne Australia, Vintage Shiny Leggings Kinji Harajuku Tokyo, New silver oxfords from Harajuku Tokyo, Vintage blouse from NYC, New hear shaped bag from Shimokitazawa Tokyo, Vintage oversized flanny from Koenji Tokyo (I wear it as a dress)

Fashion Lovies is an idea from the fashion blog
Style Bubble basically you take photos of all your fave items in your wardrobe, the things you dont need but you love ALOT! Well those were my lovies. you can see that I'm really inspired by Japanese Street Fashion, and shop alot in Harajuku...well thats because its cheap!!!

Sayonara xxx


  1. You have got some really nice lovies!

  2. really nice and cutie!!
    i love it~
    japan is amazing!!!


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