Sunday, January 21, 2007

Parties Parties Parties

Henry looks super wierd here:

OK Well Ive had a busy few weeks partying. The first Party I went to was
Teenage kicks on January 6th. It was in Shibuya at the Chelsea Hotel. It wasnt that big a venue and there wasnt as many people as the last Teenage Kicks I went to. But still I had fun...Henry was very grumpy that night, he didnt like the music or the way people danced...BUT it was fun for me. There was a funny punk band that played, they were wearing cool clothes...and they stage dived into the crowd...but no one caught!

Some photos from that night

Me and Spank gals Yuki and Maya

The camera got all foggy from the cold, but this is the band!

I also now teach the SPANK! gals English...I teach them at their shop in Koenji. I went shopping there the other day and visited Eri and Yuki..

Super Kawaii!!!

The next Party I went to was the CSS (Cansai de Ser Sexy) after party in Shibuya at the same venue as the Fashion Parades after Party! So Cool. Henry REAAAAALLLLLLLLY loved it, he is finnally understanding the music and the way people party...its more fun then Melbourne...basically bad dance music is FAVE music so I'm happy...but coming from Melbourne where "cool indie rock" is what is IN its hard to listen to "stupid music" as Henry calls it...but I mean even in New York dance/pop is whats played at the cool clubs...stupid Melbourne music scene dominated by male fuckwit bands (M&N'ers you can laugh at Misshapes all you want...but HONEYzzzzz we all know you are just Jelous...and too late too...Misshapes is dead! Been there done that!)

ok now that rant is over here are some photos!

Shingo and 2 gays

Fashion designer from Yokohoma

After seeing the deers in Nara this doesnt seem as cool!

Henry and his Palestinian scarf

Im dancing to Madonna baby!

Gallermic and Shingos ex girlfriend in the glasses and this other chick who owns or works at Candy in Shinjuku...she is also in the current FRUiTs magazine

AND finally Teenage Kicks again this time 19th January in Roppongi...

I was the Champagne girl. I got this messgae on myspace syaing "I like your clothes, can you be champagne girl on dance floor at next kicks" I said yes not knowing what it was...but basically I had to hand out champagne and dance...yay and I got in for FREE and so did henry and thomas and his friend yayayayayaya!

OHHHHHHHHh AND my hair is kinda orangey blonde...on my way back to my natural colour I have to be orange for 1 month.....I went to a cool hair salon in Harajuku that the spank gals go to...its in and appartment...and inside it is like a princess's bedroom...sooooooo coool and cheap! $70 for 3.5 hours and 2 people working on it!!! omg so good!

OHhhh and the Damn Arms played...they are from Melbourne...but I missed most of their set drinking cans of chu-hi fromthe conbini outside!

And also the dj played CRAZY so funny...the song got the biggest cheer from the crowd...sometimes the music is soooo silly!

photos from kicks

This guy reminds me of Tony

These dancers came on stage...and was crazy

Me and the Spank gals from left to right: I forget, Maya, Me, Saki, Yuki and Eri. I am holding Eri's doll...Toooo super Kawaii!

Me as champagne girl...with champagne coloured hair!

7% Chu-hi made Henry VERRRRY drunk! but his bow is cool....inspired by a cover of Popeye mag and a guy in Streets mag...yay

Ok enough already....Sayonara

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  1. the girl on the veeery left is Asami..I enjoy reading your blog. I adore the SPANK! girls. I wanna meet them someday


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