Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snapshots from Vietnam

I'm kinda failing as a blogger recently/always. I always plan on taking lots of amazing photos and blogging heaps when I'm on holiday and then what happens is once I'm there I just want to live in the moment and experience everything for myself and not sit down and edit hundreds of photos. I also had planned on vlogging my Vietnam trip but my travel companions weren't comfortable with being on youtube so that plan was quashed right away. I don't know how other bloggers/vloggers do it to be honest. Anyway I decided to share with you some of my fave snaps from my recent Vietnam trip. Above is Henry and I trying out kayaking for the very first time in beautiful Halong Bay.

So incredible!

Kmart pineapple bikini top | City Chic highwaisted bikini briefs | Tsumori Chisato sunglasses | Tempt hat
We kayaked to a private beach where we spent the morning swimming.

City Chic kaftan
Such a beautiful spot.

We then kayaked back to our boat where we jumped in and out of the water all afternoon Beyonce on holiday style!

Bespecd glasses | Kitsu earrings | Dimmeys pink tshirt | Gorman dress | Kmart sneakers 
Oh gosh take me back, cruising around Halong Bay was breathtaking! We did the 2 night cruise which I'd really recommend as our 2nd day where we went kayaking and to the private beach was the best thing we did in Vietnam.

Vintage dress from Retro Star | Julie White head scarf  | Tsumori Chisato sunnies | Saltwater sandals
Phu Quoc island was the other highlight of our trip. Total paradise.

I wore my Julie White scarf as a turban basically every day in Vietnam. Can't wait until I'm back in Melbourne for summer to wear it again (currently in freezing cold Tokyo for another month, not that I'm complaining as I love it here too - just wanna wear the scarf again!)

Take me back!


  1. You are such a fashionista! From the bikini to the killer specs you look amazing also looks like you had a phenomenal time x

    Miss Kitty Kaos - Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl

  2. AHH So good dude! Can't wait to hang out again xx

  3. Love the photos Hayley. Glad your having a marvellous time. Don't worry about blogging u can catch up when your home.... . And it's 40 degrees and can't go anywhere because it's too hot. That last shot looks like it's out of a travel magazine. Xoxox jodie

  4. It looks like you are having lots of fun Haley! The pictures turned out beautiful! Love the dress you are wearing in the last pictures!
    Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie

  5. You always look AMAZING and it looks like you had such a fun time :D


  6. i was once a big girl, can i just say i've noticed you've dropped a few sizes and want to congratulate you! Its so much better for health reasons and you just look a lot better. :)


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