Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hello from Hoi An

If you've been following me over on my instagram or my snapchat (fashionhayley for both) then you'd know that I'm currently in Vietnam with my bff Lauren and hubby Henry. It's been so hot and humid that I've found it hard to take photos during the day as that's when I'm at my most sweaty (not a good look, trust me!) Luckily Hoi An comes to life at dusk with all the pretty lanterns turning on and the streets crowded with street food and night markets. As I was taking these photos for my blog this lady came up to me and forced me to hold her bananas for a photo for some money, I don't know how she carries that thing on her shoulders all day it's pretty heavy! Hoi An has so far been one of my favourite places we've been to in Vietnam, bike riding around the old part of town filled with tailors or beside rice paddies with Water Buffalo roaming free, getting dresses and coats made at the aforementioned tailors, eating delicious local street food, visiting the beach or swimming in my resort's pool - it's been a lot of fun. That was until today when I saw a snake slithering up the path right in front of me at my hotel. I'm absolutely terrified of snakes, and it's the first time I've ever seen one outside of a zoo type situation and yes I do live in Australia! Anyway I saw it and immediately ran in the other direction back towards the pool where Henry was reading on his pool lounge. I jumped onto his lounge chair and started crying hysterically that I'd seen a snake. The staff at the hotel noticed that I ran and came to see what was the matter so I told them I saw a snake and they started looking for it, calling over the manager and other staff. Guess where they found it? Right beside the lounge chair I was sitting on, so I jumped up and onto the edge of the pool as they kicked at it and made it leave the hotel grounds. They told me they couldn't kill it because of their Buddhist beliefs, which is fair enough, I am a vegetarian after all, I don't want it killed either, just no where near me would be great thanks! Apparently it was harmless and not poisonous, but to me a snake is a snake I am terrified of them no matter what, it's not exactly a logical fear. It was kinda hilarious that it was me the snake slithered in front of then chose to sit next to - the girl who is absolutely bloody terrified of snakes - it was all my worst nightmares come to life!

Outfit details
Pom pom dress House of Holland
Head scarf Julie White
Earrings Kitsu
Sandals Saltwater Sandals
Backpack Fjallraven Kanken

The tailors couldn't believe how colour coordinated I was. It's just a happy accident that all my beloved brights match perfectly. I am absolutely in LOVE with this Julie White 100% silk Pavlova print scarf. It's the most beautiful print all designed and made in Australia. To top it all off Julie is an absolute sweetheart who I met at the recent Finders Keepers Market which is one of the best things about art and design markets I think, meeting the people behind the designs. I've also been wearing my Kitsu Bloom Hoop earrings in baby pink all the time! The designer made me clip ons and you too can make a special order of clip ons if you need, which is always a bonus. I love pairing the scarf and earrings together, I think they look so cute as a twosome. I actually filmed a packing for two climates video over on my youtube channel, explaining how my bright wardrobe does all work together and how I'm packing for my three month trip, one month here in hot and humid Vietnam followed by two months in Tokyo during winter with snow!

In front of the Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An, such a beautiful spot.

Hoi An is breathtakingly beautiful!

The Japanese Covered Bridge must be seen to be believed, so beautiful!

As pushy as these candle sellers are they really are stunning at night to see floating down the river.

I will miss your lantern covered streets Hoi An, until next time xxx


  1. Nice outfit and I love those lanterns! <3

    Big Dreamer

  2. Awww...that pompom dress is so cute! This event seems so much fun!

  3. Wow, its so beautiful there! I love your outfit, so colorful and fun! You remind me of a modern flapper girl!
    Cookies, Chaos & C'est la Vie


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